True Road Pocket Blanket Review

Are you one of these people who thinks travel is the only thing you buy that makes your richer? Or maybe you understand the keys of this amazing world which are: be a traveler, try new things, meet new people and look beyond whats right in front of you. Whatever it is, you need to make your journey even more enjoyable. Having with you one a pocket blanket will help you to have it.

Imagine that you want to lay down on the beach and enjoy the breeze or having a picnic in the mountains or in a park, one of the things that you will  be thinking is where would I sit? Don’t worry, having a True Road Pocket Blanket will keep the sand, dust and dirt out of the side of your clothes or skin.   If you are considering buying this helpful pocket blanket for the first time, there are more technical details which will help you to make your mind buying this product. Material, quality, size, portability, ease-of-use and price are crucial considerations that The True Road Pocket Blanket has. It is durable, waterproofing, sand proof and puncture resistant.


Pocket Size: The Pocket Measures are 7.4 X 7.8 X 1.5 in or 19 X 20 X 4 cm and Unfold Measures are 60 X 55 in or 1.52 X 1.39 cm. This blanket would be the perfect companion. It is highly compact and it fits into a small bag, jeans pockets or any pocket in your clothes. You will be thrill when you realized that its weight is only 0.5 pounds. That it is! you don’t even have to worry where you would store it. It just fits anywhere. Be aware that you have it when you need it.

Material: The True Road Pocket Blanket, Picnic/ Beach Blanket is made of nylon which is not only very light and thin but also puncture resistant and waterproof. It is easy to clean, so you can hike, swim, have picnic without worry about the blanket getting damaged, there is no hassle in cleaning or maintaining it because the fabric sheds dirt, debris and sand quite easily. However, you could also clean it once every few months just by using regular soap and water. Also, its water proof characteristic helps you to keep you dry while you sit on damp surfaces; it also has a quick dry property if you are one of those who can not be in just one place at a time.

Multi-Use: The True Road Pocket Blanket has multiuser. After unfolding it, you might be able to use as a raining punch or keeping your car’s seats  safe from your dog’s fur. Use it while you are camping.

Also it is provided with stakes or weighted corners which easily be able to withstand light breezes.


Overall, we can only say that the True Road Pocket Blanket is a product that’s more than worth its price. It gives you the opportunity to get comfty doing amazing things while you are traveling.  Not just it will fit neatly in your pocket, purse, backpack, bag, belt, if not you are getting a product that can last a lifetime and it would provide you many advantages that you don’t want to miss out. It is a must in your traveling kit that can improve your trips quality.

Product Specifications

Name: True Road Pocket Blanket
Material: Nylon
Color: Red, Green & Blue
Weight: 0.5 pounds
Pocket Measures: 7.4 X 7.8 X 1.5 in or 19 X 20 X 4 cm
Unfold Measures: 60 X 55 in or 1.52 X 1.39 cm.
Max capacity: 2 to 3 people
Warranty: 1 year

Molly Ocampo

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