Reid Retail Camping Blanket Review

A pocket blanket is an essential piece of travel gear that can significantly improve the quality of comfort that you enjoy throughout your journey. These blankets can come in handy in situations where you may need to use it as a cover to protect yourself from rain or spread it on the ground to make for a place to sit or lie down on. The prime reason for the pocket blanket‘s popularity is that they are highly portable and can be thrown inside of a rucksack without contributing to any increase in weight. Travel blankets are a must have in every journey because you are bound to encounter situations where you might have to camp outdoors or sleep at a place where there are no beds around.

If you are looking for the perfect travel/pocket blanket to take along your next trip, take a look at the Reid Retail Picnic|Beach|Camping Pocket Blanket, which is the perfect example of the saying “big things come in small packages.” Priced at a highly convenient rate, this blanket has many features and can offer various advantages that are as discussed below.


Size: This ultraportable picnic blanket comes folded into a pouch that is only 1.8 x 3.7 x 4.3 inches in dimensions and weighs only 0.4 lbs, making it an extremely viable option for backpackers and campers to take along on their travels. The package is so small that you can even store it inside of your trouser pocket or in any one of the external pockets of your backpack. They get along in your flights or throw it inside of your rucksack for the next big hiking expedition; this blanket will stay just fine.


reid retail sizeReid Retail Picnic|Beach|Camping Blanket unfolds into a size that is 60 x 54 inches in dimensions, which is considered large enough to accommodate an entire family consisting of 4 adults or kids or two people lounging. If you happen to be a solo traveler, this size would be right for you as well because there will be some fabric left near your feet so that you can tuck that underneath your feet for a cozy and comfortable sleep.

Material Quality: This all-purpose blanket has been made of light, yet thick fabric, and has properties of being waterproof, dustproof, sand proof, and puncture resistant. This means you can take the pocket blanket for multiple purposes in various types of environment, according to your liking. Don’t worry; use of this blanket is not just limited to those who travel a lot or are into adventure sports but also casual users who just want to hang out at the park or simply get a tan by chilling by the beachside.

The item is also waterproof, which means there’s no reason to worry about getting your clothes wet if you happen to sit on a damp surface. Because of the thickness of this blanket, you can use it as a body cover in flights if the ones given by the flight attendants aren’t good enough to keep you warm.

Ease of Use: This Reid Retail Picnic|Beach|Camping Pocket Blanket can be practically utilized in any situation you can ever imagine. Be it at a concert or a soccer game, this item is just what the doctor ordered. Putting this item to use is extremely easy as all you have to do is take it out from the pouch, unfold, and lay it on the ground or over your body depending on your need at that time. You don’t have to worry about windy days at the beach as this blanket has 4 sand anchor pockets that you can use to fasten the blanket to the ground and 4 secure pouches where you can store your essential items like a smartphone, sunscreen lotion, beach gear, etc.

Cleaning this item is incredibly easy as it barely attracts any dirt or debris that would stick to the fabric. You can hand wash it by using a combination of hot water and a mild detergent; you can also throw it in the washing machine to clean it alongside the other clothes. After the cleaning is complete, simply hang it out to dry in the sun, and you’ll have a new looking pocket blanket in no time.

Value: By now it has probably become obviously clear that Reid Retail Picnic|Beach|Camping Blanket has excellent features that make it perfect for use in many different scenarios. What makes this item even more attractive is its price. Can you imagine a blanket with so many features that can be carried around in your pocket for its price? Well, it is true, and you’re more than welcome to check it out for yourself.

This multifunctional pocket blanket is perfect for all sorts of outdoor adventures and has proven its mettle since the time it was released. However, if you are unsatisfied after using this product for whatever reason, you can always opt for the 100% money back guarantee policy. The company is dedicated to providing only the best customer experience, no questions asked.


A pocket blanket is not only a travel gear that you’ll need to survive in the wilderness but also something that can greatly enrich the factors of comfort that come into play. The Reid Retail Picnic|Beach|Camping Pocket Blanket comes in simple colors with no fancy design patterns. After all, the purpose of the portable blanket is to keep you warm or give you a solid ground to relax. This product has already become popular among camping enthusiasts and frequent travelers.

To purchase, you can visit or check out the band’s official website, whichever you think is more convenient. If this is the first time you are purchasing anything online, be sure to authenticate the legitimacy of the seller before buying.

Product Specifications

Name: Reid Retail Picnic|Beach|Camping Blanket
Material: 100% nylon tent fabric
Color: Blue and black pockets, red and grey pockets
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Unfolded dimensions: 60 x 54 inches
Max Capacity: 4 people
Warranty: 1 year

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