Praktikal Life Compact Outdoor Blanket Review

A pocket blanket is a great thing to have in your bag if you’re a traveler or someone who likes to spend a lot of time hiking and camping. This travel equipment can make your life a lot easier in many situations where you may have to cover yourself or make a temporary resting place on the ground. Pocket blankets are different from ordinary ones in terms of both compactness and practical usage; these items weigh only a fraction of regular blankets, which makes them ideal to be taken on camping trips as they add no extra weight to the backpack.

If you are looking forward to buying this fantastic piece of travel gear, the best you can do is choose a product that isn’t too costly yet also serves all the necessary functions of day-to-day requirements. The Praktikal Life Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor Blanket is a durable and attractive multipurpose product that should be just right for you need as it is made by one of the most famous names in the travel gear manufacturing industry. This compact blanket has everything you need to have a splendid time no matter where you are as it is made of a sturdy waterproof material, is very user-friendly and weighs no more than half a pound.


Size: If you have never seen a pocket blanket before, it may be hard for you to imagine initially that such an item can even fit into a pouch smaller than the size of an average palm. The Praktikal Life Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor Blanket is no less than a fantastic product that comes back into a pouch that measures only 4.7 x 3.6 inches in the dimensions. It is small enough to be put inside of your backpack and not lose any of the space inside. You can also put it inside of your purse, car, and any other place imaginable for storage.

This travel blanket unfolds to an optimal dimension of 66 x 55 inches that is good enough for two persons to rest and one person to lay down, stretched out. It is neither too big nor too small, making it perfect to be used as camping, picnic, beach, and outdoor mat. You can also use it as a fitting table cover and other outdoor activities. This is the perfect portable blanket for solo travelers or those who are traveling with a single companion.

Material Quality: The popularity of the Praktikal Life Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor Blanket  is due to its amazing features that are hard to find at this particular price point. It has been made of high-quality fabric that is waterproof, dustproof, and sand proof, which means there is no chance that your clothes will get dirty while you’re sitting on top of this blanket. Due to excellent waterproofing ability, you can also use this item as a temporary Poncho to get protection from rain. You can also hang it as a shelter/shade by pegging down the tarp along its corner loops.

Choosing the perfect blanket may not be as easy as you think because, on the surface, the difference between inferior grade and good material quality may not be apparent. However, you can stay certain that Praktikal Life Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor Blanket will be your companion on every journey.

Ease of Use: Using this blanket is as easy; it can be easily folded into a highly compact form that can readily fit inside of the pouch and can be pulled out quickly to be laid out on the ground. You may be surprised at first seeing how thin this blanket is, but there’s no reason to worry because it has just enough thickness to protect you from rocks, twigs, or any other pointy objects that may cause discomfort. You can also use this as a cover blanket while on a flight if the one provided by the airline is not sufficient to keep you warm.

The sheer versatility of this picnic blanket is one of the reasons why people have come to trust Praktikal Life as a company, whose products are just as great when put to practical use as the company’s name.

Value: There is no doubt that this is one of the cheapest and the most effective travel blankets you can buy right now on The company believes that the needs of their customers always come first, and so they have made this product available at a discount. Even if you don’t need a travel blanket, this item could make for a perfect gift for your friend or family member who often travels or loves to go hiking or camping.

The company also offers 100% money back guarantee to anyone who finds this product underwhelming or not according to their liking. Buyers can just return the item and get a full refund of their money, no questions asked. But, by all chances you’ll love this compact blanket just like other people who have used it. It has a high rating on and more than 80 customer reviews speaking of their experiences in many different scenarios.


The Praktikal Life Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor Blanket  has been designed to fulfill the needs of clients with high expectations and possess the necessary qualities to survive even the most extreme conditions. So, the next time you’re heading out to the beach or want to go camping with your buddies, make the most of this product and see how the entire experience changes for the better. Pocket blankets are a boon for travelers and casual users alike, which is why this travel gear is slowly rising in popularity in the market.

If you want to purchase this camping in picnic blanket for yourself or as a gift, head over to and take a look at the full specifications and features. You can also go through the user reviews to get a whole idea of this blanket’s utility.

Product Specifications

Name: Praktikal Life Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor Blanket
Material: Durable quality nylon
Color: Green
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Unfolded dimensions: 66 x 55 inches
Max Capacity: 2 people
Warranty: 1 year

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