Backwoods Barnaby Backpacker’s AirLite Pocket Blanket Review

Are you planning your next big adventure and looking for some gear that would make the entire experience even more memorable? Well, entertainment devices aside, you may consider getting a pocket blanket to take along on your camping or hiking trip. The fact that pocket blankets are highly popular among travelers and campers alike speak volumes about the utility of this item. But what’s the use of having this item in your backpack? Well, for starters, you never have to worry about sitting or lying down on damp surface ever again. Why? It’s because pocket / outdoor blankets are extremely compact and offer excellent waterproofing capability to keep your trousers from getting wet.

Now that you’re all excited about buying a pocket blanket know that choosing the right product is just as important as choosing other essential travel gear. For those who are on a tight budget, the Backwoods Barnaby Backpacker’s AirLite Pocket Blanket is something that they might consider as it is a camper’s favorite for many reasons. This is a multipurpose portable blanket that you can use while on a camping trip, when you’re going out on a picnic with family or want to use it as a cover blanket to keep yourself warm.


Size: Size is perhaps the most important element people consider while buying a travel blanket, simply because it determines how many people can actually use it. You would be glad to know that the Backwoods Barnaby Backpacker’s AirLite Pocket Blanket can easily sit 2 to 3 people as it unfolds to the dimensions of 63 x 55 inches, making it a perfect choice for picnic goers. Just spread it on the ground and lounge without worrying about getting dirt or sand in your clothes. This size is also good enough to be used as a cover blanket in situations where you may need to protect yourself from rain or tuck yourself in comfortably before going to sleep at night.

What makes this picnic blanket even more amazing is that it can fold it into such a small form, you can easily fit it inside of a pouch that is no bigger than your palms. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Your own, personal blanket ready to accompany you anywhere and everywhere. Just stuff it inside of the pouch, through the pouch inside of your backpack, and you’re all set to head out.

Material: When you buy a product of Backwoods Barnaby, you can stay assured of the quality. The pocket blanket is also no exception as it has been made using the finest quality ripstop parachute polyester that is known to last even in the most demanding weather conditions and terrain. This blanket is waterproof, dustproof, sand proof, and tear resistant so you can take it to the woods, use it on a rough surface, or lay down on a sandy shore, this baby has been designed to endure everything without ripping. It also comes with quick dry feature because time is of the essence when you are out in the wilderness.

Moreover, the item is highly portable not just because of the size but also for its weight, which is only 7 ounces. You won’t even feel that there is something extra in your backpack, let alone struggle with the weight. Hey, you can even put it inside of your pocket just as well.

Versatility: This lightweight and portable travel blanket have corner loops and a cleverly attached stretch pouch so that it does not get blown away in windy conditions. Folding and unfolding are both easy. No technique in folding is needed, and the blanket will reduce to the same size regardless of how you fold it. This is a highly user-friendly product that is perfect for many different outdoor scenarios as its dustproof and sand proof fabric keeps it from getting excessively dirty. With just one simple shake, you can clean up this blanket and free it from sandy particles.

You can wash it by hand or put it inside of a washing machine, and the result will be equally good. The quick drying fabric will ensure that the pocket blanket becomes ready to take soon enough. Because of its high versatility, this item can be used as a beach blanket, a picnic blanket, camping blanket, like a canopy or roof, as a table cloth, and even as a rain tarp or poncho if the situation demands.

Value: This fantastic piece of travel equipment is a complete value for the money¬†purchase as it has been designed to satisfy all the needs of customers and exceeded every expectation. You aren’t likely to get many travel blankets as good as this on The Backwoods Barnaby Backpacker’s AirLite Pocket Blanket has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and many reviews praising the utility of this product.

Moreover, the company offers every customer a 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied after using this product. With all these added benefits, why wouldn’t you want to make this risk-free purchase? You can stay confident that your quality of travel will drastically improve once you have this item inside of your backpack. And that is another guarantee!


Optimal size, durable quality, versatility in usage, and high value for money make Backwoods Barnaby Backpacker’s AirLite Pocket Blanket the product that many people have fallen in love with. And why wouldn’t they? This splendid pocket blanket has everything one can imagine, both as a traveler and as a casual user. Do you need any more reasons as to why you should try this product out for yourself? Well, head on to and read the user reviews for yourself.

This is one product that you will never regret purchasing because it is so damn good and comes at a cost that is nowhere close to being considered as expensive. Buy it now, and see how your everyday life changes for the better.

Product Specifications

Name: Backwoods Barnaby Backpacker’s AirLite Pocket Blanket
Material: Ripstop parachute polyester
Color: Green and Blue
Weight: 7 ounces
Unfolded dimensions: 63 x 55 inches
Max Capacity: 2-3 people
Warranty: 1 year

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