Pocket Blanket Reviews

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A pocket blanket can prove to be a lifesaver when you’re traveling for extended periods and cannot afford to stuff too many items into your backpack. This is a useful accessory to have when you’re out camping, got stuck in an airport, or in situations where you’d want to rest comfortably without worrying about any dirt or debris ruining your clothes. These blankets are also known as travel blankets, picnic blankets, and camping blankets because they all serve the same purpose of providing you a temporary place to sit or relax without you having to go through too much hassle of carrying a heavy mattress to the destination.

Best Camping Blankets – Top Comparison

Editor's RankingBrandPortabilitySizeDurability
1Montem Outdoor Gear9.09.59.5
3Praktikal Life9.09.08.5
5Reid Retail9.09.08.0
7Reliable Outdoor Gear8.58.58.0
8Wild Life Outfitters8.58.57.5
10Just Relax8.08.57.5
11Nomadic Gear Company8.08.57.5
13WildHorn Outfitters8.08.07.5
16Backwoods Barnaby8.08.07.0
Note: Portability, Size and Durability are based on a score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest.

Traditionally, a blanket can be said to be a type of bedding that is mainly a large piece of woven cloth that is supposed to keep the user warm while they are lying down or sleeping. Blankets help in trapping the radiant heat from a user’s body and offers protection against cold. It is important to recognize that blankets and bed sheets are not the same as the former happens to be thicker and is mainly used for comfort. Blankets were originally made of wool because of the fabrics warmth, natural breathability, and fire resistant properties while bed sheets were made of linen, cotton, or silk. However, synthetic fibers are now used for both blankets and bed sheets.

There are many types of materials used to make blankets, such as wool, which has thicker and more tightly knit fabric while cotton is used for making light blankets as it offers more breathability due to the loose material structure. The most common types of blankets are cotton, mink, woven acrylic, knitted polyester, wool, and fleece. There are also blankets made from exotic materials, having impressive crafting as found in a silk covering or crocheted afghan. While all these exotic blankets are fine to be used at home, as society has advanced the need for portable blankets has become even more apparent as people are no longer limited to just their bedrooms. This is the reason for the invention of pocket blankets as we now know today.

Why do you need a pocket blanket?

While a portable blanket may not be exactly something that you need for survival, having one at your disposal can certainly make your life easier. It is something that you need to have for greater comfort, whether you need to camp at an airport because of a flight delay or have to take shelter in the wilderness overnight with no proper place to rest. As you can imagine, having blankets in these scenarios will make your life a lot easier.

You finally get on the plane after a delayed flight and you imagine how relaxing it will be to board the flight finally — just lower the seat and relax — but suddenly discover that the cabin is too chilly, and the airline doesn’t even provide complimentary blankets. Now, out of desperation, you may ignore the exorbitant cost of renting a blanket, but the fact of the matter is you can probably buy a new blanket for yourself for the same price. Not to mention, your new blanket would be much more comfortable and travel-friendly among other things. What makes rented blankets even more detestable is that many times they are not even subject to basic hygiene and still have germs from mucus, lipstick, teardrops, and other bodily fluids that are best left for the imagination.

Even when you’re not camping at the airport, going on a long-haul flight can prove to be exhausting if you are not given proper bedding material. Having a travel blanket at this time will add more comfort to your journey as you can easily take it out from your bag and just snuggle in your own personal space. So, the next time you encounter not so polite flight attendants, annoying co-passengers, and crying babies, just pull out your portable blanket and get lost in your old world of dreams.

Pocket blanket, as the name implies, are incredibly compact and can be folded into a smaller form to be thrown into a pocket or just about any small space in a bag. The convenience alone makes it a perfect item to have when you’re going out camping, on a picnic, or simply on travels from one place to another. Apart from being compact, these blankets also happen to be waterproof and highly durable. So, you don’t have to worry about anything poking you when sitting on them at the beach or in an uneven forest ground.

Most manufacturers make their products waterproof, dustproof, and highly resistant to dirt or debris. There is little weight attached to all four corners so that the blanket is easier to set down and does not get blown away by the wind, which further adds to its overall utility.

A large variety of blankets are available on the market, mainly targeted towards travelers that range from relatively cheap to very expensive. But luckily, you can get a pocket blanket that is both decent in appearance and serves its purpose. If you prefer the company of natural fibers, you can get travel blankets made of silk or cashmere as both of these materials help in retaining heat without adding too much extra bulk.

Things to consider before buying a pocket blanket

Material Quality: First things first; you don’t want to compromise on quality just for the sake of saving a few bucks. The type of material that your blanket is made of would determine how comfortable it is and how suitable is it for carrying on your travels. The best products are made of high-quality fabric that provides waterproof, dustproof, sand proof, and quick drying facility so that they can be used anywhere. Whether you are going out on a picnic with family, hiking the Grand Canyon, or camping by the riverside, having a quality travel blanket would be indispensable for your comfort.

Size: When choosing a travel blanket, make sure that it isn’t smaller than the size you need. Nothing can be more unpleasant while camping than having to constantly readjust it over your freezing toes and cold shoulders. A blanket of proper size should cover you from head to toe and have a little more left over to tuck under your feet. Of course, you also have to consider the blanket’s weight because every bit matters when you are packing for extended travel. The good news is, the new generation blankets are available in the thinnest and lightest of variety that does manage to provide decent warmth.

Portability: What good is a pocket blanket if it’s not sufficient to be used in many different situations? Before you go ahead and buy a travel blanket, be sure to check its compactness thoroughly. These blankets are primarily made as multipurpose items that are fit for all outdoor adventures. Sure, many brands manufacture products and mark them as portable but are that the entire reality? Quite not, because the low-quality brands do not possess the skills or resources to produce high-quality, portable blankets that would serve their intended purposes. So, think before you buy and don’t be shy to ask questions.

Brand Value: As the general rule of thumb states, you can trust a company that is trusted by other people. The brand name plays a significant role in determining the chances of you getting a quality product, especially when it comes to camping and adventure gear. Since a pocket blanket falls roughly under the category of camping gear, it would be wise of you to check reviews of the brand and their reputation in the industry. Even if it means paying slightly higher than your original budget, buying a reliable product from a reputed brand should give you the peace of mind that would otherwise be missing if you go for a substandard product made by a lesser-known company.

User-Friendliness: Perhaps there is nothing more important when it comes to travel gear than the need to be user-friendly. After all, the last thing anyone would want to experience while they are hiking or camping is to deal with faulty gear or items that are hard to use. When buying a travel blanket, check the manual (if there is one) for various instructions on how to get started and what are the best ways it can be used. Check the features properly which includes the blanket’s resistance to water, dirt, and other substances that are commonly found in the wilderness. Also, don’t forget to assess if the blanket can be folded into a small enough package so that you feel comfortable in taking it along on your journey.

Value for Money: There isn’t any shortage of options available in the market when it comes to travel gear, and the same applies for travel blankets. While there are products that may look tempting due to their attractive appearance and low-cost, you have to keep in mind that in the end, the only thing that matters the most is the value for money you’re getting out of it. If you have managed to pick up a cheap pocket blanket that doesn’t serve its purpose, then it is no less than a waste of a purchase.

On the contrary, there are also products that are expensive and boast of amazing features that you may or may not need. You have to decide which product to buy depending on your budget. Try to go for something that suits your requirements while not breaking your bank.

Useful tips

When you’re having a tough time picking out a gift for a friend or relative, you can always turn your aim towards travel gear because they can be used casually and for a bunch of other reasons. Pocket blankets can be taken along on a family picnic or a park and used as a spot for people to sit on. They can also be used at home when all other normal blankets have already been taken by guests.

Taking care of a pocket blanket is easy as they are usually made of sturdy quality nylon fabric does not too attract much dirt, mud, or other substances that can make it dirty. Even if it does get dirty after prolonged use, you can only use mild soapy water to clean the dirt either by hand wash or in a washing machine. After washing the blanket you want to air dry it so it doesn’t shrink! By the time you’re done the cleaning, you’ll have a new like pocket blanket all ready to be used again.

Minimalistic designs are best suited for pocket blankets as they do not scream for attention. While attention might not be a bad thing at all, it is not exactly necessary when you are out camping or using the blanket as a cover on a flight. Minimal designs look excellent and do not get hampered by wear and tear over time.

In the case of a rare event where you may find that your tent has a leak, and it is raining, you can use your travel blanket to cover the leakage as they are perfectly waterproof. Just spread it over the top of your tent to provide a temporary cover so that you can spend the night in peace. This technique can be applied in many situations where guarding the leak is of utmost necessity, and you have nothing but a pocket blanket in handy.


Ultimately, we can come to a conclusion that the travel blanket isn’t essentially a product that can be only used by travelers and airplane passengers because their utility extends much beyond using it as a cover for warmth or just to spread for sitting. If you are planning on buying a pocket blanket to take on your next camping trip or picnic, be sure to buy one that is conveniently priced and meets the bare minimum qualities of providing excellent waterproofing and thick cover to protect you from twigs and rough surface.

In the end, how you use the blanket will depend on certain circumstances as well as your preferences. To check out various pocket blankets made by different reputed brands, just visit your favorite e-commerce store and go through their catalog. It is as simple as this.